So, what are we blogging about, anyway?


St. Louis Remembers World War IIGreetings, Welcome to the KETC Your Stories blog. If we seem a little self-conscious as we start down this path, bear with us. While we are not new to the storytelling business, we are new to telling stories this way.

The project we have started has a pretty impressive sounding name: Your Stories – St. Louis Remembers World War II. The jist of it is this: While we all think we know the story of WWII (we’ve seen the films, we’ve passed the tests in school), the stories of the men and women who lived through the war are actually be lost to us each day. My grandfather died without really sharing his story with anyone. Other veterans (and “ordinary” people) are dying each day — right here in St. Louis — without sharing their stories with anyone.

In September, KETC will air Ken Burns’ latest film, called The War. Ken himself has said that he was inspired to make this film because of the realization that stories were being lost every day. He didn’t want this story to have to be told like his film on The Civil War — from diary accounts and other histories, he wanted to hear the stories himself where he could. Ken’s film focuses on the WWII experience from four towns across the U.S.:  Waterbury, Connecticut; Mobile, Alabama; Sacramento, California; and the tiny farming town of Luverne, Minnesota.

KETC is hoping that we can tell the St. Louis-area story of World War II by getting as many people as possible to share their stories with us.How can you share your story? Well, you can do it right here if you’d like (we’d love to hear from you). Or you can visit our Your Stories site and share it there in a number of ways. And if you know of way to let people share their stories we haven’t thought of let us know. So share your stories, tell others to share their stories, check back to see what’s new, and wish us luck.

Mike Bauhof
Web Coordinator
KETC/Channel 9


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