Diaries of a KETC Intern


It has begun. Last week, I finally got to dig into the piles of letters and emails sent to us by our viewers— and let me just say that it is quite a daunting task and I don’t ever really know what to expect. But, in such a short time, I feel like I’ve covered quite a large chunk of history. I’ve read about little girls practicing air raid drills and collecting grease, an injured soldier on the Anzio beachhead in Italy, a fighter pilot who was captured as a POW and the tearful reunion of two brothers on a Pacific island. Again and again, I’m most amazed that the people telling these stories live within a few miles of me.

Thus far in my relatively short life, I’ve had a pretty broad education: in addition to a high school diploma and a pending college degree, I’ve spent nearly a year living in Europe, and hope to someday return for a more permanent stay. Across the pond, people often refer to World War II as “the War,” like it just happened yesterday. Historical markers are everywhere; my own cousins live in one of Salzburg’s only houses that wasn’t destroyed by heavy bombings nearly 70 years ago. Even American histories of the war (like Band of Brothers, one of my all-time favorite film series) are based around Europe. For me to read the stories of St. Louisans who contributed to such a key event in world history amazes me. The Your Stories project has opened up a whole new chapter in my education, and frankly, it reminds me that the city that I call home can be just as exciting and historic as our east Atlantic neighbors.



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