Facebook Frenzy


In addition to my newly-discovered blogging skills, part of my job working on The War is Facebook. Most of my friends are jealous (what other internship praises an intimate knowledge the ultimate college procrastination tool), but it’s harder than it sounds. Yes, World War II is a popular “interest” in the Facebook world but getting people to join your group when there are 23 others dedicated to the same or a similar topic is hard. It takes a long time to build a friend-list of other interested Facebookers without the aid of a college campus – no history classmates, few lectures, and let’s be real here, I don’t know of any World War II themed parties going on this weekend. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to up our group numbers without spamming other groups’ boards?



One Response to “Facebook Frenzy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I talked to Rob Paterson while he was here and he suggested that the only way to accomplish that is through giving nice things to other groups. The thing about this project that is so awesome is that we have amazing interviews, letters, and atrifacts to share with people. Visit other groups’ message boards and leave links to all of the amazing things that we are doing. That is not spam, that is providing things they would thoroughly enjoy. They will then want to join our group because they see the high quality content we are all working so hard to provide. Just thought I’d pass on Rob’s great advice. Good luck!

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