Ken Burns, Part 2


Ken Burns at the SheldonA bit more on Ken Burns presentation from last night in St. Louis

First off, if you weren’t lucky enough to be in the audience at the Sheldon last night, or if you didn’t catch the live webcast, we now have an archive of his presentation available for you to view.

Unfortunately, we can’t show you the clip reel Ken showed last night. For that, you’ll have to wait until the series premieres on September 23 (7:00 p.m., right here on KETC). But let me tell you, when you see this series you won’t be disappointed. From what I’ve seen, it lives up to the hype and then some.

How’d the live webcast go? Very well, I’d say. Could we have had more eyeballs? Certainly. Will we do it better the next time? Definitely. What will that next time be? Stay tuned… 


One Response to “Ken Burns, Part 2”

  1. Joe DePlasco Says:

    Hi, FYI for those who visit here. If you’d like to see some clips from THE WAR go to

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