Another D-Day


D-Day has become known to most of us as June 6, 1944, but in reality the term “D-Day” in the military sense can mean the beginning date for any major attack or operation. And while the Allied invasion of Normandy was a defining event of World War II, there were quite a few other “D-Days” that were also instrumental in the winning of the war. Many of those other “D-Days” took place in the Pacific, and one of the bloodiest for American Marines took place at Iwo Jima.

Here is a link to a story by Anne-Marie Berger about that battle and the men who fought it (Note: We are trying to get this story uploaded to YouTube, but it is longer than they allow. I’m seeing what we can do).

So next time you happen to use the term D-Day, remember that for quite a few veterans it may have a whole other meaning.  


One Response to “Another D-Day”

  1. Kate Shaw Says:

    Mike, I could not agree with you more. Another word we could add to the list is “kamikaze.” I retired it myself after hearing first-hand stories about the terror and destruction caused by this hellish form of combat.

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