KETC’s Your Stories Project

In Extraordinary Times, There Are No Ordinary Stories

Much of the history of World War II resides in the memories of those people who lived through it. From the corpsman fueling planes to the housewife making dinner with rationed meat, sugar and butter, the war affected all Americans.

And like every American city, town and village, St. Louis has a World War II story. From those who went off to serve in Europe or the Pacific, as well as for those who kept the home fires burning, the war was the defining event of a generation.

Your Story Is Important – Share Your Memories of World War II

In September 2007, KETC will air Ken Burns’ latest documentary. Called simply The War, it tells the story of World War II through the experiences of the people from four towns across the United States. To widen the scope of this epic film, Channel 9 is telling the war story of St. Louis-area people by asking anyone with a story about World War II to share it with KETC and the St. Louis community.

Are you a veteran or were you a civilian supporting the war effort at home? What stories did your parents, grandparents and friends tell about being in the war or living through the war years? If you have a story, share it with KETC today.


2 Responses to “KETC’s Your Stories Project”

  1. Linda Austin Says:

    Just a twist on the tales, but my mother was a teenager during WWII – a Japanese girl living outside of Tokyo. She is full of fascinating stories of survival and what it was like during the Occupation there. She has a photo of herself wearing a waitress uniform made of American parachutes, taken for an id badge at Johnson Air Base. She and I wrote a book together of her childhood, WWII and her marriage to a U.S. serviceman and then coming to America 13 years after the war ended. I do presentations now about how wonderful an experience it is to learn about our parents’ or grandparents’ early lives… it is history coming alive in ways you cannot read about in any textbook. Those stories are priceless bits of history and so important to capture before they are lost! The book we wrote is being edited for use in elementary and middle school classrooms because it is such a learning experience. I strongly encourage everyone to open the book of their own parent’s lives.

  2. Mike Bauhof Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks so much for your story and your encouragement. I imagine your mother has an interesting and insightful perspective on not just the War, but the aftermath as well. It is perhaps a part of the story we do not pay enough attention to.

    Thanks again for sharing your story.



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