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300 and Counting…

October 8, 2007

That’s how many World War II memories we’ve recorded on the Your Stories site. And we aren’t done yet by a long shot. We are adding more stories just as fast as we can, whether they are submitted online, by email or good old U.S. mail. In fact, by the time I finish this post we may be at 301 or 302…

So in case you hadn’t heard: we aren’t done yet. We still want you to share your stories with us.

And once again, I have to say a big thanks to our interns who have kept this project going. They’ve made it possible for Your Stories to become success it has. So thanks once again. We can’t say it enough.



Our Interns – A Quick Word of Thanks

August 13, 2007

It’s no secret that our interns have been a great help to us with their work on the Your Stories project. You heard from Diane here as she told you some about what she was doing and learning from working here this summer. But Diane is off back to school, as are our other summer interns Robin and Margaret. We will certainly miss them, and hopefully they’ll miss us at least a little. When they arrived here I don’t know that they knew they’d spend so much time working on this project, but they all spoke about how they were moved by the stories you’ve shared with us. All in all, I’d say it was a summer well spent for them.

So a quick word of thanks to them as they move back to their world of friends and teachers. “Your Stories” has given them stories to tell, that’s for sure.