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Another D-Day, Part 2

August 27, 2007

Our good friends at YouTube were kind enough to allow us to upload Anne-Marie Berger’s story on the Iwo Jima Marines (even though it’s over the 10 minute limit). Here it is:


Learning the Future Through the Past

August 8, 2007

One theme we’ve talked about quite a lot in this space is that we are cataloging the past so it won’t be lost forever. But we are also trying to find the best way (or ways, rather) to present those stories so that they are more than just an archive, but a history for all to experience. That is why we are blogging here and uploading our videos to YouTube.

Other PBS stations are tying some of the same things, and know we aren’t the first to think that there may be opportunities out there, and I’m sure there are opportunities out there we haven’t thought of. Still, I think it’s interesting that we are really trying to learn the future through the past.



Two Views

August 7, 2007

Just uploaded a couple more Your Stories videos to our YouTube channel, and I though the contrast between them was interesting.

First, a memory about what it was like to be young and at home during the war:

Second, what is was like to be young and in combat:

These and many more videos from the Your Stories project are on our YouTube channel, and I am working on getting a good index of them up on our Your Stories site as well. As you can tell, we are still working on using YouTube to its full potential.

How’s It Going?

August 3, 2007

Simple question, not quite a simple answer. We here at KETC have been working on the Your Stories project for a little over two months (well, that’s not really accurate, we’ve been collected and telling stories for you to see since D-Day, but we’ve been working on the project for much longer than that). If you’ve been watching our Channel, it’s hard to imagine you don’t know that we are collecting and telling the St. Louis stories of World War II.

But it’s no secret that this has been a new sort of project for us. We are trying not only to tell stories, but allow you to be a part of the storytelling as well. And we are trying to find out how social media tools like this blog, and Facebook, and YouTube, and the story submission tool on our Your Stories site can allow to better do our job of being the region’s storyteller better.

So how’s it going? I guess you can tell us better than we’ll be able to tell ourselves. What do you think?